The Power of Visual Content

June 9, 2014

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I know, I know – content is king, you’ve heard it until your sick of hearing it – but the reality is – the right content, in the right context is actually king and distribution of that content is the queen (and she wears the pants!)

People don’t simply need more content, they need content that moves them to act, motivates them to share and fits into their own private journey.

Visual content – words, data and inspiration in the form of an image – has grown both in popularity and effectiveness and drives a great deal of what’s actively shared in social media.

Understanding how to produce and distribute visually appealing brand assets and messages is now an essential marketing practice.

The Power of Visual Content

Join me for a free webinar with Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick to learn about how, when and why to create visual content and more importantly – how to do it with ease!

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5 Essential Elements of a Useful Social Media Plan

April 30, 2014

Below are excerpts from a good article from Duct Tape Marketing. Please refer to the ful article for details and more information.

SocialMedia“Living inside the bubble of the social media marketing world, it’s easy to forget that many organizations still don’t know how to reconcile social media into their everyday sales and marketing routine… Yes, you eventually must get around to embracing certain tactics and tools specifically related to social media, but the key to determining both still lies in tying your actions to meeting your stated marketing and business objectives.

In order to create the proper context for social media inside this firm’s overall marketing plan I broke social media participation into five core elements and corresponding tools and tactics and mapped each to previously identified marketing objectives.”

[The author goes on to describe each of these elements and corresponding tools- read more]

Collect – You have to plug into the rich vein of useful information coming from your customers, prospects, competitors, journalists and other industry influencers before any of this makes much sense.

Curate – By aggregating and filtering a great deal of the industry content using some routines from the previous step you can become a source of insight for your customers and help them cut through some of the noise.

Create – For this element we established a sharing routine based on a set of core topics.

Share – This does include sharing your own content and ideas but it also includes intentionally networking with and sharing content and ideas from others.

Engage – The most obvious reason to participate in social media – to engage customers and prospects.

“By breaking social media participation into a specific set of core elements, each driven by strategy, every person in an organization can find the role that makes sense for them.

The focus then becomes less about tools and more about how a specific set of activities might help you better serve your customers.”

Business Unplugged: The Correct Way to Make a Business Introduction, and other good advice

April 18, 2014

The following articles are from Carol Roth’s Business Unplugged:

Business Unplugged: The Correct Way to Make a Business Introduction

The Correct Way to Make a Business Introduction

Posted: 09 Apr 2014 04:00 AM PDT

There is the correct way and the less-effective way to make business introductions. A good business introduction is like a nugget of gold – and a deposit in the “karma bank.” It can strengthen your connection and value to and with the people you introduce. You look like a star because you were able to […]
Stop Explaining Yourself to Customers

Posted: 08 Apr 2014 04:00 AM PDT

I really only have two major vices in life: major league baseball and whirlpool suites. So I was really looking forward to combining the two on a trip to Pittsburgh last week, on a rare couple of days off. Late that night, after watching the Pirates and Cubs go into extra innings, I finally pulled […]
The Ins-and-Outs of Finder’s Fees

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 04:00 AM PDT

When I talk to small business owners, one of the biggest issues that always comes up is how they can find new business.  I believe strongly in utilizing network referrals as a way to get that new business.  And, to make those referrals more concrete and valuable for your network to give or to gain […]
Frenemies: Why Playing Nice with the “Competition” Makes Sense

Posted: 02 Apr 2014 04:00 AM PDT

Befriend the competition? Mon Dieu! You spend so much time hiding from them, spying on them, stalking their Yelp pages and figuring out what makes you different. But take a step back and see the possibilities for your business. Smart small businesses that are clear on their brand strategy – who they are, who they […]
3 Ways to Boost Book Marketing and Sales

Posted: 01 Apr 2014 04:00 AM PDT

For many entrepreneurs, business owners and would-be business owners, writing a book can be a great way to put yourself, your brand or your business out there. But, thinking that “if you write it, they will come” will ensure that your book ends up with the countless heaps of others that are written and then […]
Writing Good Sh*t that Goes Viral: Secrets Revealed

Posted: 27 Mar 2014 04:00 AM PDT

Okay, I lied. There are no secrets to writing good shit that goes viral. So there’s no need to read any further. Unless you want to know the one thing every good writer does well and often to get their work read and shared. Don’t write with the intention of making your work go viral. […]
Are You a Business Muppet?

Posted: 26 Mar 2014 04:00 AM PDT

I love The Muppets.  It’s a fact that I cannot look at one without smiling. And since they are back on the big screen with their Muppets Most Wanted movie, I thought that I would revisit the concept of seeking your inner business Muppet. See, as adorable and funny as the Muppet clan can be, taking […]
Networking for Success

Posted: 25 Mar 2014 04:00 AM PDT

Networking — it can be a dirty word for entrepreneurs and other professionals alike. However, doing it successfully can really help you to succeed. I am emceeing the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce’s event “The Exchange” on April 2, 2014.  It’s the biggest networking event in the Chicagoland area, plus it features great keynotes from the […]

Sugarcoating Bad News; Video Marketing ROI; Small Business Growth

March 6, 2014

Some useful advice from Carol Roth’s Business Unplugged:

Stop Sugarcoating Bad NewsPosted: 13 Feb 2014 03:00 AM PST

Although Valentine’s Day is approaching, the reflections in this post are anything but sugary. Reason being, business today has become a tad too sweet for my taste.  We’re getting flabby by gobbling up verbal candy instead of taking our medicine, swallowing the bitter pill. As a result, we think we’re doing well when we’re not; […]
A.I.M to Create Video Marketing ROIPosted: 12 Feb 2014 03:00 AM PST

Now that online video has proven to be such a powerful marketing tool, entrepreneurs and small business owners seem to be falling all over themselves in a race to get their marketing videos online. Creating marketing videos is the smart thing to do, since we’re now in the “lead, follow or get out of the […]
Policies for Helping Small Business GrowthPosted: 11 Feb 2014 03:00 AM PST

While small business is often heralded as a major catalyst for improving our economy, the small business community rarely ever gets to contribute their voice in shaping the policies that would best help to spark their own growth, and consequently, the economy at large. So, in an effort to give that voice to the small […]

Future marketing trends – create a successful company

November 8, 2013

From Nancy Loderick’s Blog

Future marketing trends – create a successful company

by Nancy Loderick

To be a better person or a better company, look to some of the best and brightest to see how they do it. Hubspot is a successful marketing company, based in Cambridge, MA. I recently had the good fortune to attend their Inbound Marketing Conference. My head is still reeling from all I learned and […]

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Daily Double: The Most Valuable Sales Advice I Ever Received, and How to Keep a Project On Track (Without Compromising Your Brand)

October 10, 2013

Here a a couple of blogs from Carol Roth’s Business Unplogged blog site.

The Most Valuable Sales Advice I Ever Received

Posted: 12 Sep 2013 04:00 AM PDT

When I started my sales career, it was an uphill battle. I struggled with pretty much every aspect of the job, but in particular, I had a hard time figuring out what price to quote to a prospect and how to overcome price objections.  This left me in a no-win situation. When I lost a […]


How to Keep a Project On Track (Without Compromising Your Brand)

Posted: 10 Sep 2013 07:00 AM PDT

Launching an online project, marketing campaign, or new product/service can be a thrilling time – but a quick rush to reach customers can leave many loose ends if things begin to break down during the process. While the project may get launched, it may leave a tarnished perception of a brand if corners were cut. […]

Latest marketing trends – be human

October 3, 2013

This blog post highlights some of Nancy’s thoughts from attending the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Conference.

Latest marketing trends – be human

by Nancy Loderick

I had a blast at the recent Hubspot Inbound Marketing Conference. It was held August 19-22 at the Hynes Convention Center in the Back Bay area of Boston. I love, love, love going into the city. I also love learning new things and hearing what is new in marketing. You may be asking, “what the […]

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Seminar: “Limiting belief’s that hinder your business ; spiritual life, and what to do about them!”

August 27, 2013

I am posting this on behalf of our friends at STAR 99.1 FM:

 You are invited to a Business Networking Breakfast!!

Our speaker will be Sean Isaacs

Broadcast Marketing Specialist with Star 99.1.

Sean Isaacs is a multi-talented Business Coach, Business Owner and Entrepreneur, whose innate gifts and abilities have blessed the Christian community for more than 20 years. He is a marketing specialist, sales professional, renowned speaker, gifted songwriter, singer, recording artist, and Pastor.
Known as the “Christian Business Growth and Marketing Specialist”, Sean specializes in helping businesses improve their image, attract more customers, increase sales, and grow their bottom line, even during this slow and uncertain economic downturn. Much of Sean’s knowledge, skills, and insight has come from his 20+ years’ experience in Sales and Marketing, and 6 year experience as a Broadcast Marketing Specialist with STAR 99.1 FM.

Topic:  “Limiting belief’s that hinder your business & spiritual life, and what to do about them!”

As a Pastor and Business Professional, I have interacted with 1000’s of Christians in Business, Ministry, and personal living.  One of the things that continue to surprise me, though I know and understand the Scriptural admonition to “Be transformed by the renewing of the mind…” or the command to “Grow in grace and the knowledge of God“, is the reality that many of God’s people, though exposed to His Word regularly, continue to see lack in many areas of their lives.

Some of what you will learn or discover:

·         What are limiting belief’s?

·         How do they impact your personal and business life?

·         Why are Christians more prune to “limiting belief’s” than others?

·         3 Steps to take now, to eliminate them!

·         How mediation on the Scriptures eliminates limiting beliefs

If you are serious about your spiritual, persona, and business development, and are looking for practical instruction that can be implemented immediately, then Join Sean Isaacs, Pastor and Marketing Specialist with STAR 99.1 FM, at the next Networking Breakfast.

Please click on the link below to RSVP. Limited seats available.

Thursday, September 12th, 2013
The Skylands at Randolph
792 Route 10 West, Randolph, NJ


Like us on Facebook
Please contact us if you have any questions about the event or how to register.
Thank you for taking the time to consider joining us for this breakfast. We are looking forward to seeing you and a friend there!


STAR 99.1 FM
732-469-0991 Ext. 3117

3 Modern Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

July 9, 2013

From Duct Tape Marketing:

By John Jantsch

Build A Small<br /><br />Business Plan

Traditional marketing isn’t inherently flawed, but it hasn’t evolved much despite changing technologies. Even with so many new tools with which to convey our messages to prospective customers, especially social media like Facebook, Twitter, and beyond, few businesses are actually doing anything markedly different than they used to.

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3 Major Marketing Missteps that Your Business Should Avoid

July 2, 2013

From Carol Roth’s Business Unplugged blog:

3 Major Marketing Missteps that Your Business Should AvoidPosted: 25 Jun 2013 04:00 AM PDT

There is a lot of advice out there regarding what you should do to properly market your business. But what experts often fail to mention is that there are a ton of common marketing mistakes that can cause real damage to your business (possibly harming it more than not marketing at all!). Here are just […]

The three mistakes discussed in the article are (read the article for details):

(1) Inconsistency

(2) Forgetting Your Customers

(3) Going Only Half Way

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